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Studying abroad in Australia

Studying abroad in Australia Studying abroad in Australia is the ideal choice for international students because of its excellent training quality, abundant scholarships and safe, friendly living environment. HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS IN AUSTRALIA

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The study path to Australia has become easier than ever when Vietnam was granted Assessment Level 2 (AL2) by the Australian Government, opening up countless opportunities for young Vietnamese to pursue their dream of studying in the Country. Kangaroo, specifically:

️ Study in Australia - Exempt your financial proof

️ No IELTS certificate required

️ Processing time is fast

️ Opportunity to stay for a job 2-4 years after graduation

️ Diverse scholarships for all levels of study

️ Overtime 40 hours / 2 weeks during the semester, not limited to holidays

️ Diverse qualifications, recognized around the world

️ Flexible program with many intakes a year (February, July, October)

️ Long-term career prospects in Australia

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